Who We Serve

Experience Tailored Bookkeeping and Accounting Support

Whether your industry or business stage, Katelyn Associates is here to offer comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting services tailored to your unique needs, we have the knowledge, experience, and dedication to support your financial success. Partner with us and unlock the potential of accurate financial records, informed decision-making, and sustainable growth.
Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and how we can customize our services to meet the unique needs of your business. Let Katelyn Associates be your trusted partner in achieving financial clarity, compliance, and prosperity.

Welcome to Katelyn Associates, your trusted partner for comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting services. We take pride in serving a diverse range of clients, catering to the unique needs of various industries and business types. At Katelyn Associates, we specialize in assisting small to mid-sized businesses, focusing on the hospitality sector, contractors, women-owned firms, and new ventures just starting their journey.

Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

We understand that small to mid-sized businesses form the backbone of our economy. As your dedicated bookkeeping and accounting partner, we are committed to helping you navigate financial challenges and achieve your goals. Whether you’re a small retail shop, a growing service provider, or a thriving local business, we have the expertise and resources to support your financial success.


Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is unique, with its financial complexities. From hotels and restaurants to entertainment venues and travel agencies, we deeply understand the financial intricacies of the hospitality sector. Our team can assist you with specialized services tailored to your industry, helping you manage cash flow, analyze revenue streams, and maximize profitability.



Contractors face specific financial challenges that require a keen eye for detail and compliance. We have extensive experience working with contractors across various trades at Katelyn Associates. Our services include job costing, project analysis, expense tracking, and compliance with industry-specific regulations. Partner with us to ensure accurate financial records, streamline your operations, and optimize your profitability as a contractor.


Women-Owned Businesses

We are proud supporters of women-owned businesses and understand the unique journey they undertake. As a women-owned business ourselves, we empathize with the challenges and triumphs you face. Our team is passionate about empowering women entrepreneurs with the financial tools and insights they need to thrive. Whether you need assistance with bookkeeping, tax planning, or financial analysis, we are here to help you build a solid financial foundation for your business.


New Businesses

Starting a new business is an exciting endeavor, but it can also be overwhelming. At Katelyn Associates, we guide and support new ventures as they embark on their entrepreneurial journey. From helping you set up bookkeeping systems and choose the right accounting software to provide ongoing bookkeeping and financial advice, we are here to ensure your new business has a solid financial footing from day one.